Indigenous Employment & Opportunities

At Renko, we extend our respect to the Larrakia people, the esteemed Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters encompassing our business locations and operational areas. We honour the profound and lasting connection the Larrakia people hold with their ancestral lands and waters, and we recognise their vibrant cultural legacy, legal traditions, and historical narratives.

This gesture of acknowledgement goes beyond mere formality; it is an expression of our genuine commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships and upholding the diverse and rich tapestry of Indigenous Australian cultures.

With this acknowledgement, we affirm our commitment to creating opportunities for Indigenous start-up businesses, employment and advancement within the Renko Group. Our Indigenous Employment and Opportunities Policy is designed to foster a diverse and inclusive professional work environment, offering training, development, and support to Indigenous entrepreneurs, job seekers and employees.

We are dedicated to building and nurturing relationships with Indigenous communities and ensuring our practices contribute positively to these communities.

Nurturing Indigenous Entrepreneurship

In line with our ethos of fostering diversity and inclusion, Renko Group is dedicated to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurship, particularly in the realms of the supply chain and construction industries.

Business Incubation for Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Recognising the challenges faced by start-ups, especially in high-entry sectors, Renko provides a nurturing environment for Indigenous entrepreneurs. Our Start-Up Incubator Program offers comprehensive support, including access to our facilities, management systems, and professional resources. We aim to create a supportive ecosystem where Indigenous start-ups can flourish and grow.

Expert Consultation and Administrative Support

We understand that the right guidance is crucial for the growth of any business. Indigenous entrepreneurs within our incubator program benefit from our expert consultants who offer specialised advice tailored to the unique needs of their businesses. Additionally, in our Small Business Accelerator, we provide essential administrative support to ease operational burdens.

Access to Professional Resources and Networks

Renko's cooperative approach means Indigenous start-ups gain access to an extensive network of professionals and resources. This includes opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and networking with industry leaders, which are often difficult for small businesses to access independently.

Financial Foundation and Growth Support

We offer financial support that is particularly critical during the initial phases of business setup and growth. This support helps Indigenous businesses navigate the often-challenging early stages, ensuring they have a stable foundation upon which to build their success.

Creating Opportunities in Supply Chain and Construction

By focusing on the supply chain and construction industries, we provide specific opportunities and insights that enable Indigenous businesses to make significant strides in these fields. Our aim is to lower the barriers to entry and help Indigenous entrepreneurs make a marked impact in these sectors.

Indigenous Employment Support

At Renko, we are deeply committed to supporting Indigenous employment through comprehensive training, development, and well-being programs. Our approach is designed to empower Indigenous Australians with the skills, support, and opportunities they need for a successful career journey, respecting their unique cultural heritage and individual career aspirations.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Our part-time and full-time training programmes are designed to provide practical, hands-on experience in various fields. Participants can earn a competitive salary whilst working towards nationally recognised qualifications. This approach bridges the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application, empowering Indigenous Australians with skills directly transferable to the workforce.

On-the-Job Learning

We believe in the power of experiential learning. Trainees and apprentices will be mentored by industry professionals, gaining insights and skills specific to their field. This mentorship not only builds technical skills but also fosters professional relationships and networks, enhancing their future career prospects.

Employment Support

Recognising that each individual's journey is unique, we assign a dedicated consultant to each participant. This consultant provides tailored guidance and support throughout the employment process, from initial training to career advancement, ensuring a personalised and effective career path.

Cultural Sensitivity

Our workplace culture is consciously developed to be inclusive and respectful of Indigenous traditions and values. We strive to create an environment where Indigenous employees feel valued and understood, and their cultural heritage is celebrated and incorporated into our organisational culture.

Career Progression

We are committed to the long-term professional growth of our Indigenous employees. Our career development plans include clear progression paths, opportunities for further training, promotions, and leadership roles, ensuring that career advancement is not just a possibility but a reality.

Income and Qualifications

From day one, participants in our programmes earn a salary, providing financial stability whilst they learn. The qualifications they work towards are nationally recognised, setting a strong foundation for their future careers without the burden of study-related debt.

Well-being Support

We provide access to comprehensive mental health and well-being resources. These resources are available to support our employees both in their professional life and personal lives, recognising the importance of holistic well-being.

Community Engagement

Renko places a high value on community engagement, understanding that strong partnerships with local Indigenous communities and continuous feedback are fundamental to the success and relevance of our initiatives.

Local Partnerships

We actively engage with local Indigenous communities. This engagement helps us understand their unique needs and perspectives, enabling us to tailor our support and initiatives effectively

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement through regular feedback from our Indigenous employees and community partners. This feedback is integral to refining our policies and practices, ensuring they remain effective and responsive to the needs of the Indigenous community.

Partnering with Indigenous Subcontractors

At Renko, our dedication to Indigenous employment extends beyond our own organisation, as we actively forge partnerships with subcontractors who align with our values. We place a strong emphasis on collaborating with subcontractors that employ a significant number of Indigenous staff, reinforcing our commitment to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Our approach involves not only prioritising these partnerships but also regularly monitoring and encouraging our subcontractors to uphold similar employment practices. We engage in collaborative projects that serve our business objectives while simultaneously fostering the employment and skill development of the Indigenous community.

We take pride in the accomplishments of our subcontractors in Indigenous employment and remain steadfast in our ongoing commitment to expand such opportunities within our network. This strategy enhances our business relationships and makes a meaningful contribution to the overarching goal of supporting Indigenous employment in the Northern Territory.

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