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Launched in 2021, Select Switchboards is a start-up that identified a gap within the market to design and manufacture custom switchboards for industries across Australia. Based out of our manufacturing facility at Renko, Select Switchboards benefits from our administrative, operational, and financial support.

A leading example of how our incubator can facilitate growth through strategic market entries, Select Switchboard regularly partners with Select Industrial for field work, Dynamix Fabrications for enclosures and structural work, and Icon Engraving for all switchboard signage and labels.

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To understand the growth and success of Select Switchboards since its foundation within the Renko Group, we have collated some important milestones and figures that have been used as targets to help drive the business forward.


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Select Switchboards Story

Now a major player within the switchboard design and manufacturing industry in Australia, find out more about how Select Switchboards progressed from a start-up with the help of the Renko Group.

2021 July

Select Switchboards Launch

Select Switchboards was established in Darwin, NT, Australia in July 2021 after identifying a gap in the commercial switchboard manufacturing industry. Occupying a space within Renko's manufacturing facility, Select Switchboards benefitted from Renko's resources and seed funding to enter a market that typically has a high financial barrier to entry.

This created a clear path to market. Launching Select Switchboards with the capability to offer the design and manufacture of high-quality custom switchboards including; main switchboards, meter boards, distribution boards, control panels, automation panels, motor control centers, switchrooms, mechanical service switchboards, and power factor correction units.

2022 August

Completion of First Major Project

A real statement of intent within the industry, the completion of a high-profile defense project in Larrakeyah provided Select Switchboards with a large amount of exposure in the switchboard space. Exhibiting Select Switchboard's technical and physical capabilities this project helped to fortify Select's reputation as a reliable, quality-focused switchboard manufacturer.

Working within the Renko Group, Select Switchboards partnered with another business, Select Industrial, to fulfill this contract and supply a turnkey solution. Select Industrial assisted with the installation and commissioning of the on-site infrastructure, a competitive advantage that allowed Select Switchboards to attain these complex large-scale projects.

2023 January

Designed and Manufactured Over 1,000 Switchboards

A remarkable achievement for just over 18 months after its foundation, Select Switchboards had already designed and manufactured its 1,000th switchboard. A testament to the skill and expertise of the staff, along with the excellence of operational efficiency, Select Switchboards' growth was heavily influenced by its position within the Renko Group.

Able to focus on what they do best and provided with unrivaled flexibility, Select Switchboards had the freedom to accelerate their growth and gain a solid position within the industry, whilst building a reputation for high-quality products and reliability.

2023 July

First Government Tender & Over 20 Staff Members

Two big milestones that were included within the original business plan of Select Switchboards, demonstrating the capability and effectiveness of the Renko Group incubator in facilitating fast and sustainable growth were; securing a government tender and hiring over 20 full-time staff members.

Both of these goals were achieved before their projected timeline, and the influence and benefits of being within the Renko Group were undeniably evident in these achievements.

For securing the government tender, Select utilised the expertise within the Renko business group, whilst the financial support and stability of Renko aided in reducing the risks and constraints typically faced by start-ups when trying to build a workforce.

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