Our Partners

We believe in the power of collaboration and synergistic growth at Renko. Our partners play an integral role in shaping and driving our mission of fostering innovation and fueling the growth of small to medium-sized enterprises to achieve their full potential.

As an incubator, we understand the immense value and unique perspectives that these collaborations bring to our operations and the companies we support. These partnerships empower us to provide a robust, diverse, and inclusive platform for our incubatees, helping them to develop, scale, and make a meaningful impact in their respective industries.

Find out more about each of our collaborations below, and how Renko helped them to transform visions into thriving businesses across Australia.

Renko Portfolio

Explore our existing portfolio of businesses accelerating their growth within the Renko Group incubator.

Learn the story behind each business and how they are progressing through each stage of the Renko lifecycle.

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